Information regarding our prices


Black Lion Organic Coffee AS supply a full range of organic coffee from Ethiopia. We sell green coffee in containers which consists of 19 200kg. The coffee is shipped in 60 kg coffee bags with plastic inside the bag to protect it from any damages. We can also deliver a container without 60 kg bags and only green coffee. It is possible to mix a container with different coffee beans, e.g. half with Sidamo and the other half with Yirgacheffe.


Black Lion Organic Coffee AS is a Norwegian stock company and we guarantee safe transactions and fresh seasonal coffee. We are in family with the second largest coffee importer in Ethiopia and we have a family farm in Yirgacheffe. We follow the New York stock exchange coffee prices. The payment method is L/C (Letter of Credit).


We have CIF prices to all major cities in Europe. Our prices for week 22 are the following:

  • Washed Sidamo, grade 2: $ 6,53 per kg

  • Washed Yirgachaffe, grade 2: $ 7,63 per kg

  • Djimmah, grade 5: $ 4,43 per kg


If you order more than one container, the prices will be reduced further.

We primarily export Ethiopian coffee with washed grade 2 and unwashed grade 4 and 5, including Harrar, Limu, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Djimmah, Wollega (Nekempte),Lekempti, and Ghimbi Coffee etc. Feel free to contact us for more prices. 


Delivery time is approximately 45 days.